Photo-journalism was my first love in photography, though my youthful understanding of its aims and values was very different from how it is viewed today. Working for newspapers and magazines gave me a living, travel, a ringside seat at major events, a creative outlet, and a vague hope of doing some good in the world. I am indebted to those publications that supported me over the years, especially THE OBSERVER newspaper and colour magazine, NEW SOCIETY, and the German edition of GEO. But, gradually, for a variety of reasons, including a wish to work in more depth and with greater control of the results, I drifted away from competing for assignments and concentrated instead on ideas of my own.

From the start of my career, I cultivated long-term personal projects and they became ever more vital to me. My tastes in photography are very catholic, and these self-financed schemes have allowed me to tackle subjects that are close to my heart, and also to explore the medium at my leisure.

This website shows a selection of my pictures taken over the last 50 years; about half of them were produced on assignment.
Hanoi, 1997